I have a new website!!

Yes! Yes! I have finally finished my new website. Go right now and visit it! It is at . Isn’t it cute and adorable and easy to use? I have worked for several weeks already to find the best template and design for it, and I think I have found it. What do you… Continue reading I have a new website!!

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November’s Goals

Spanish version: Metas de noviembre Another month, another set of goals!! ... Wait a second, it's already the 9th of November?! Yisuscraist, time does fly! I mean, it's November and I am already writing my second novel, and even though I had a rough start for my writing process this month, I didn't realise it… Continue reading November’s Goals

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My forever motivational force

Spanish version: Mi fuerza motivadora constante Some weeks ago, I posted a text about my friend Elena, a little gift of mine for her, talking about her amazing personality and how the world is a better place because of her presence. I celebrated her and her wedding and I liked a lot knowing how happy… Continue reading My forever motivational force


El final del Ministerio del Tiempo

Y llegó el día que todos nos temíamos: el final de la tercera temporada del "Ministerio del Tiempo" y sin ninguna voluntad de renovación por parte de la cadena que emitía la serie. Han sido meses de espera, de rumores que aún a día de hoy flotan por los medios, las webs, y cualquier aficionado… Continue reading El final del Ministerio del Tiempo

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20 Terrifying Two-Sentence Horror Stories

Spanish version: 20 horripilantes historias de terror en 2 frases Happy Halloween! Today is a very special day, when the "dark side" of the spectrum takes the streets and creates a great parade of obscure things that is not usually seen. For todays' special post, I wanted to push myself and try and overcome certain… Continue reading 20 Terrifying Two-Sentence Horror Stories