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Carnival – Part 1

Inspired by the Carnival season, I wanted to write a short story about it. I am going to post it for several days, around 1k words per post. This is going to be my first “short story” here on my blog, so I just wanted to remind you that, like any other post on this blog, any element of the following story (plot, characters, scenarios, etc.) has been created by me, and only I have the rights to use and modify them. You are free to quote them on your site, but always remember to tag me and/or include its ownership.

I hope you enjoy it!

Spanish version: Carnaval – Parte 1


Part 1

The sunrise was gray, heavy, like everyday. Opalia woke up to the song of the birds, tweeting insistently on the other side of the window, close to where she slept. She sat on the bed, with her still messy hair. She braided it the previous night, but the dreams she had were really vivid and the bed, along with her hair, looked more like a bird nest that anything else. Including chicks. She kicked the bed sheets out of her way, still remembering that nightmare she had had, where the crows grew in meters and ate all the newly planted grain, and destroyed the harvest. Then, they tried to take her eyes out and she managed to run away, but her legs were still shaking just by the memories. The squawk of a crow took her out of her dreams, forcing her to jump on the bed because of the scary situation. Some knocks on the lower floor called her for breakfast, so Opalia finally got up, opened the window to let the air flow and cool the hot air in the room. The girl looked out the window, checking the view, darkened by the clouds and a really feathery rain that fell on that moment. This was turning the air even colder and, when inhalated like the girl was doing, it almost froze her lungs and created a pleasant painful sensation that woke her up completely. She changed clothes, picking up her usual outfit for work, that was on the floor next to the sheets that have just joined it.

Opalia went downstairs to have breakfeast, stepping heavily on the tiny wooden stairs that connected both floors. In the kitchen, her parents and siblings were already eating, and she was late, like usual. She ate something quickly and put her boots on promptly to check the animals. Last night, the chickens were revolutionized, and she didn’t knew if there was some fox out there or they put more eggs than usual. She arrived there after a short run and, lucky her and her family, all the chickens were on that place and with a huge collection of freshly new-laid eggs. That day, lunch would be sumptuous, so she filled her pockets with eggs and came back to her home. During the short way to the entrance, she could see how Amélia, her friend from the school, came running towards her door and greeted her shaking a hand vivaciously on the air.

  • Look at what I got! – the girl was saying, jumping with joy and making her hair shake around her face, matted by the fine rain. The girl showed Opalia two pieces of written paper and, when she took them, she could see the following:


  • Really? Wow… I didn’t think anybody on this village could get something like this. Congratulations, Amélia, I hope you will have a great night. – said Opalia, happy for her friend, who got a pair of tickets for the party of the King of Carnival, one of the most special yet difficult to access, from those known in the kingdom and nearby kingdoms as well. – Who are you going with?

  • With you, silly! Why are you thinking I came here so quickly to show you the tickets? – replied her, almost shouting at poor Opalia, who just turned white by the shock. Quickly, she started thinking about excuses.

  • I… I can’t, Amélia… I have lots of work on the field… – she looked for something more important than that, and finally came with a great idea. – I think a chicken has twisted her ankle… It is going to be a mess putting it back.

Or so she thought. Amélia bursted out laughing and took her friend by the wrist, pulling her to the interior of her house. She came in without knocking at the door, dragging Opalia in, who could just whisper “The mud! The eggs!” and only stopped in front of her friend’s parents, almost colliding with them after entering the room like a storm.

  • Good morning! Can I take Opalia with me to the King of Carnival’s ball? – she said, with an enormous smile, taking advantage of the surprise that was still on their faces after that untimely entrance.

Opalia’s parents looked at her and then they looked at each other, one of Opalia’s brothers checked her leaning out of the row of chairs and the youngest girl of the house dropped her spoon noisily over the bowl where her cereals were and shouted:

  • Are you going to meet the King, Opalia?! – with all the emotion a little child could have listening to her sister maybe meeting someone worthy of coming from a fairy tale.

  • Er, no. No! It is just a silly idea of Amélia, she has gotten some tickets and she says I should accompany her but… there is a lot of work on the country and… – she started excusing herself again, but her father stopper her quickly.

  • You can go. – he said, with a deep voice and continued eating, hiding a mischievous smile that was growing on his face.

  • What…? What?! – cried Opalia, surprised, when her friend started jumping all over the kitchen. The girl looked at her mother, who confirmed her parent’s words.

  • Go there, my child, you are young and never allow yourself to enjoy anything. Nothing is going to happen if we share your tasks for just a day. – said the woman, and thereupon started reprimanding Opalia’s siblings, who were complaining for more work on that day.


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