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My forever motivational force

Spanish version: Mi fuerza motivadora constante

Some weeks ago, I posted a text about my friend Elena, a little gift of mine for her, talking about her amazing personality and how the world is a better place because of her presence. I celebrated her and her wedding and I liked a lot knowing how happy she was because of my text. I felt really great because of her own happiness and I would like to continue making texts like that one.

And, because of that, here you have this text. I want to talk about my forever motivational force, who is not other than my long-distance friend Marina. I have talked before about her and her work, but today is going to be a little bit different. Last weekend, Marina and I were supossed to meet (for the second time ever!!) and this post was supossed, as well, to be posted right after that meeting. But life happens and you can’t always have what you want, am I right? We weren’t able to meet, but we are seriously looking forward to see each other soon in the future. Anywho, today I would like to talk about Marina and her importance in my life, and why the world would also be better with more people like her.


I met Marina a long time ago, in the oddest of places. It was around 2010, on a roleplaying server, and since then, she has never been Marina for me, nor I have been Victoria for her. We started using our nicknames on that platform and we use them even nowadays. We spent long periods of time “together” (a.k.a. together online) during an special roleplaying event that lasted for months, when our characters, Arachne and Dalbier, fell in love with each other and their amazing love story started. Marina and I connected really well and we started “exploiting” that great feeling right away: apart from several stupid stories and quick sketches that we both planned, we were able to enjoy hours laughing about anything and everything, because of our very similar and also stupid sense of humour. I mean, we are both blonde 🙂

However, I began to see something amazing in Marina: she is a professional artist, who worked for over a decade on a professional studio, and currently is working on her own art, accepting commissions and doing a more personal work. And I realised… artists do really exist!! Yeah, I know this is a very stupid and obvious realisation, but let me tell you: At that time, when I started struggling with the idea of being a writer and, therefore, an artist, I thought it was an impossible mission and that I would never, ever, be a real artist because they don’t exist. But… I met Marina and she was (is) one, and she was able to work for others as one. So… maybe my dream was not as impossible as I thought it was.

And not only that, Marina is an artist in any way and any situation. It is like art exudes from every pore of her skin, and she doesn’t think or stops herself, but allows creativity to flow through her body and mind. For her, being an artist is a way of life, and not something that happens some times. I had been, until that point, the kind of artist that blocks creativity because of what others are going to say about, if it is going to be right or good enough, if it is going to be perfect or not. I blocked myself so I was unable to create, but Marina not only allowed herself to do it but also motivated (and still does) anyone around her to create and push their boundaries and be an artist. She, in a totally indirect way, empowered myself to create and be the artist I always wanted to be.

Then, years later, I found her in a very dark place, a place where she had doubts about herself and her work. She, being the artist I know she is, never thought of her as something great, but as the average person: she was an artist because it is natural for her, not because she has the guts to do so. And the self doubt started hurting her in a very deep and emotional way. I had to help her, and I just did what she did for me: I pushed her, I tried to motivate her and I helped her in any way I could. She taught me the best lesson I could never learn and I applied it back on her: the more artist this world has, the better this world becomes, and it has been my mantra ever since.

However, the “skills” Marina has do not end here. She is married, she is a mother and she works, so she has the complete pack of huge and terrible responsibilities any woman nowadays can have. And you must know that, even without failing in her duties, she do never stop creating. I really don’t know how she does it, but she manages her crazy daily routine to always have at least half an hour a day to create, even if she is so tired she could sleep for days. Nevertheless, her “excuse” for doing so is amazing: creating art empowers her to go through the day and to overcome any difficulty or problem in her life, because the feeling she gets when she creates and the reward she obtains after creating is way better than anything. She has also taught me that important lesson and I apply it every day of my life.

Even though all these, Marina is a special key in my life for something only she can do. I have a blessed life, surrounded by amazing people that I love and they all motivate me, in their own way, to create and be myself. Always. However, Marina has something magic around her: it doesn’t matter how depressed, overwhelmed, stressed, shattered into pieces or totally empty of creativity I am, I just need a few minutes of talking to her to reorganize my head and start creating again. She has that touch that makes everything possible in the field of creation, and a short conversation about… whatever is usually the beginning of a new project between us, a collaboration, the possibility of doing something new and exciting…

Marina is that kind of person the world needs, a person that empowers and motivates you to be your best self, to redirect any negative thought into positive art, and to be happy just like you are. Embrace this kind of people in your life and let them influence you in their own unique way.

PS: In case you have missed the link to her art, here you have it again! Go there and say something beautiful to her 🙂 ->


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