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NaNoWriMo 2017 – Week 1

I would like to make a review at the end of each of the four weeks for NaNoWriMo this year, trying to find my strong and weak points during this writing process. It could be helpful for others reading this blog and doing something similar, and it is also a way to create some accountability about my work. Don’t forget to check NaNoWriMo’s official webpage! So, let’s jump into it:

NaNoWriMo 2017 – Week 1


I am not gonna lie: This first week has been quite curious, if not difficult for me. And it is pretty odd, since I was terribly hyped about starting writing this second novel of mine. I don’t know exactly why, but I have found myself encountering serious problems for just writing anything about my novel. I spent the whole month of October just planning the outline, inquiring into my characters’ personalities and histories, trying to put all my thoughts together and in a logical order, and I really think I did a great job (great as in way better than previous writing projects). However, today, day 7 of the month (and only taking into account writing from the previous 6 days), I have written only about 6,000 words, far from the 10,002 words I was supposed to have yesterday, and each time I sit in front of the computer, it almost hurts writing. And not only at the beginning, when engines are still cold and everything is a bit more difficult, but all the way from the beginning to the end.

I was talking to a friend of mine earlier and she was trying to help me find the problem that is blocking me when writing. And I think I found it, although I am still looking for it closely to find it and solve it: I think that my problem is that I don’t know yet my protagonist as I have known the protagonist from previous stories. It doesn’t matter if the character was an “old friend” of mine (like Samantha is) or something more spontaneous (like Opalia is), there was a feeling, a sense of “oh girl, I know you”. But the protagonist of this new novel is not that familiar for me yet, and we are kind of knowing each other while writing. And hear me when I say that I for sure knew about him, because I spent most of October just investigating his persona! Although… I never “talked” to him until the second day of this current month. Even I forced myself to sit down and create an imaginary conversation with my character some days ago because I felt like if he was an stranger for me, and not a character that I had been developing for over 30 days.

Apart from that, I feel my outline really strong and well detailed. I have solved certain problems that I had with the outline for my previous novel, and I did really lift a heavy weight from my shoulders when I created this new outline. The story is not at all a problem for me, and I feel very comfortable writing from it, so I am truly happy for my work about the outline.

Moral of week 1: stop worrying about the story, and know your protagonist better than you know him right now. You need to improve the “intimacy” between each other to boost the confidence of you both!


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